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Tax Solutions

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Bringing more than 20 years experience with
the mechanics of the French Tax Process

Tax Solutions

The right to disagree with the French Tax Administration

Bringing more than 20 years experience handling
and managing Tax Problems in France

Tax Solutions

Defend yourself against the French Tax System: be strong, be knowledgable, be supported

All the expertise of an Attorney specializing in French
Tax Litigation for more than 20 years at your service

Tax Solutions

Facing the French Tax Administration in Court

The indispensable support of an Attorney practicing
Tax litigation at all levels of the French System
for more than 20 years

Starting with the French Tax
System ?

You think you may need to contact the French Tax Administration but don’t know where to start.
Heard from the French Tax
Administration ?

You are already in touch with the French Tax Administration and you don’t know what you should do next.
Contesting Your Tax Bill?
You want to contest the tax you have been asked to pay.
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    Starting with the French Tax System ?

    WARNING: Due to the very diverse names given to the different French tax authorities (Bercy, DGFIP, SIE, Centre des Impôts, etc.) , the current site groups them into a single generic expression : French Tax Administration (FTA).

    You are not (yet) in touch with the French Tax Administration.

    Do you want to BUY a real estate or START a business in France ?
    You are an individual, entrepreneur or a real estate agent: you want to do your business in France (real estate investment, start-up, relocation, for example), BUT you do not know anything or not enough, about the French tax dimension laws, rules and procedures.

    Do you ANTICIPATE a situation, that may lead to any French taxation ?
    For example, you are concerned by the prospect of an inheritance or of your own estate because of economic or family links you’re still keeping in France. Or you are planning to restructure your property assets in France, to buy or sell an apartment or a house.

  • Heard from the French Tax Administration ?

    French Tax Administration may simply send a letter, perhaps registered letter with return receipt (RAR), to the taxpayer, requesting various private information, sometimes with deadlines. 

    Relating to local taxes, such as housing tax (=“taxe d’habitation”, corporate real property tax (=“contribution foncière des entreprises”), property tax (=“taxe sur les propriétés - bâties ou non bâties”) : 

    Real estate In order to determine the rental value of your house or apartment, the FAT requires from you specifics, such as the details (floor area, surface “Carrez” law, ...), number of bathroom, shower, and sanitation facilities, and/or if you use part of your space for a professional activity (architect, designer, start-up ...). 

    Income Tax About income tax, the French Tax Administration might suddenly ask you to report some “alleged” income you received in France -even though you don't think you are a French resident and / or that your income would be exclusively US sourced, or that you have ceased any professional activity. You could also receive a “request for clarification”(= “demande d’éclaircissement” ou de “justification”). 

    Likewise, the French Tax Administration may ask you about the composition of your assets to determine whether you are subject to the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), or simply send you a notice to fill in a wealth tax return.


    You are already or are about to be subject to a tax inspection

    You are already or are about to be subject to a tax inspection (=“contrôle fiscal”):e.g. document vérification (=“contrôle sur pieces”), audit of the accounting (=“vérification de comptabilité”), contradictory examination of the overall tax position of the individual (=“examen contradictoire de la situation fiscale d’ensemble du particulier (=“ESFP”).  

    This contact is often brutal. You want to respond carefully. Misguided or inadequate responses can be very risky.  

    Alain Legendre can advise and / or assist you in this tax action, according to the specifics of your situation.


  • In France, tax litigation is complicated and cannot be improvised. Tax litigation must be thought of as a real war.
    Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult  (Carl von Clausewitz)

    Alain Legendre has made it his specialty. He offers an experience of over 20 years of practice in this area of dispute from the claim to the French Tax Administration up until the action before the Tax Court.

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